MLR style beat slicing inside Live, with MaxForLive

MLR is a wonderful application. Many monome users know it, think about Daedelus just to name one. But sometimes you need something more flexible to make your tracks, like Ableton Live for example. So are we forced to use two different applications? That’s no longer true!

Nonagon made a MaxForLive patch which automatically takes loops ( both audio and midi ) playing from your live set and slices them on your monome ( or a launchpad using an emulator ) so you can trigger parts of them in the way which made MLR famous! See the discussion on monome’s forum to get the latest version:

[M4L app] MLR-style chopping of Live clips – forum

It misses some features of MLR, but if you are an hardcore Live user you can finally handle your creative flow inside just one application. You can slice midi track on the fly too and use Live’s effects to make the performance fits more your style.

Many users are working on it, included Myralfur ( who made some terrific work for Korg nanoSeries Ableton control surfaces). The app seems quite mature and more features are under development. You still need to buy MaxForLive, but as time goes on it seems even more a great deal!

5 Responses to “MLR style beat slicing inside Live, with MaxForLive”

  1. I see you are interesting in Monome theme. I’m too.

    Please tell me, can I use somehow repeating sounds without any stuff (only PC) like in this video?

    I mean is that necessary to have Monome or Novation Launchpad? Is the way to use this like only software with virtual MIDI keyboard on PC? I don’t need all functions. I like repeating drum sounds with MIDI freezing.

    I’ve learned this technology firstly only today. And I’m really novice in this. Need your advice.

    And what software do I need to download and install on items? Tell me please too.

    Thank in advance!

  2. So I found some video with PC keyboard in use.

    I need exactly like this. But for the present I don’t know how to achieve this. So will find.

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